Comprised of more than 15 organizations, the Iowa Farm to School and Early Care Coalition brings together a dedicated group of farm to school and early care stakeholders who collaboratively work toward shared goals:

  1. Grow and strengthen our statewide network to increase communication and collaboration

  2. Increase local food purchasing in schools and early care sites

  3. Incorporate culturally relevant food education into existing policy, environments, and curriculum


Our Core Values

The statewide Iowa Farm to School and Early Care Coalition supports and upholds the following values:

  • Education: We value the voice and leadership of youth and educators; we support a comprehensive sequence of nutrition and food literacy from birth through 12th grade.

  • Equity: We acknowledge and understand historical systems of oppression and inequity that exist in food systems and education; we support culturally responsive and reflective resources and practices.

  • Access: We support policies and programs that increase equitable access to and awareness of local food, food education, and all farm to school and early care initiatives.

  • Transparency: We value authentic and respectful communication and feedback with partners and community members; we maintain clear, coordinated communication systems with partners and communities about who we are and what we work to accomplish.

  • Relationships and Collaboration: We center opportunities to build meaningful relationships with communities and stakeholders, developing shared understanding, language, and goals.

  • Respect: We identify diversity as strength; we acknowledge and celebrate that we come together with personal experience, perspective, culture, and community.

For more information about the Iowa Farm to School and Early Care Network and Coalition, contact coalition co-chairs:

Chelsea Krist: ISU FFED

Krista Smith: IA AEYC

Nathan Spalding: FoodCorps Iowa


Iowa Farm to School & Early Care Coalition

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