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National Farm to ECE Survey Results

Together the National Farm to School Network and Michigan State University Center for Regional Food Systems released the findings of the 2018 National Farm to Early Care and Education Survey. This report offers the perspectives and experiences of more than 2000 early childhood and care providers serving more than 250,000 children in 46 states and Washington DC.

Survey results infographic

This survey effort mirrored the 2015 National Farm to ECE Survey, with several updates to more clearly understand the landscape. From the survey results, we learn more about potential barriers, providers that are successfully integrating the core elements of using local food in meals and snacks, gardening, and educating children about food and nutrition.

To view more on the findings, National Farm to School Network has compiled several resources:

For a deep dive into Iowa's results, read Iowa Insights: National Farm to ECE Survey Results.

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