• Krista Smith

Meet Krista!

I'm an Iowa Girl.

Hello Farm to ECE Community! My name is Krista Smith, and I'm the new Farm to Early Care and Education Consultant with Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children. While there is no way to truly replace Kelly, I will try to fill her big shoes without stuffing socks in the toes! I live in Altoona and grew up in Ames, so I have lived most of my life in central Iowa. With family connections in three corners of the state, I am glad Farm to ECE has provided me a NE Iowa connection beyond my obsession with the Decorah eagles!

If only I was as smart as my teenagers.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, I have been both a preschool teacher and director, have taught kindergarten, and have been in charge of children's public library programming. None of that prepared me to be the mother of teenagers!

The best things in my life are my children,

Logan (16) and Alyvia (13).

They are my greatest joys and greatest challenges. Rounding out our family are Kodiak, our German Shepherd rescue; and Rosabella & Phoebe, our cats who think they own us.

Thinking BIG (and small).

My bucket list includes zip lining over Colorado’s Royal Gorge, shipwreck scuba diving in Bali, and skydiving just about anywhere. But as much as I like a new adventure, my favorite time is spent at home with my kids. Reading a good book or enjoying a true crime documentary or podcast while I knit or crochet are perfect ways for me to wind down a day.

I don't exactly have a green thumb. Yet.

I developed a serious interest in nutrition when I made a dietary change about six years ago. Once I began my new food journey, I quickly learned the importance of tracing food to its source. I became aware of the countless ways local procurement benefits us individually and as a community. I also got excited about growing fresh produce of my own, and created a space for a vegetable garden in my back yard. Watching those little shoots pop up out of the ground was exhilarating! For the most part, my garden failed miserably that year, but the handful of fresh peas we harvested were the best we had ever tasted! My gardening skills are still a work in progress, but I learned a lot. I learned to ask for guidance from a more experienced gardener, and my children learned to blow dandelion fluff downwind of mom's garden.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

I’m truly looking forward to working together as we inspire kids to get moving and make food choices that are healthy and fulfilling. Thank you for your commitment to kids! As you know, it takes a village, and I feel fortunate to have found yours.

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