• Haleisa Johnson

Book Review: 'Before We Eat...from farm to table'

Pat Brisson (Author), Mary Azarian (Illustrator)

Lucky for me I found this book early on in my work with Farm to Early Care and Education. I can tell you it was well worth the money to purchase one of the first copies back in 2014. Now it is a little less money in its second edition that includes resources in the back of the book – several that I have had the honor and opportunity to work with.

The illustrations in the book are delightful and the children can easily connect to the food system from the beginning to the end. The story starts around a table giving thanks for not just the food but for the many that helped get the food to the table.

For the past 7 years, I feel like I’ve been alongside each of the teachers in NE Iowa implementing Farm to Early Care and Education. It is my mission for children to know where their food comes from and what foods are needed to have healthy bodies. For teachers and parents to be part of the learning experience has been an added bonus for making healthier choices.

I highly recommend the book ‘Before We Eat.' It's fun, educational, and is a great starting point for learning about the food system and where their food comes from.

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