• Kelly Hanson

New Tool to Measure Impact on Iowa's Health

In 2018, the Healthiest State Initiative released a new tool to track the progress being made to improve health indicators across the state. The non-profit knew this would be a complex and challenging task, wanting to make sure the tool was convenient yet also effective in measuring long-term progress. They designed a gauge that would represent Iowa's progress in recent years.

Healthiest State Initiative Progress Tracker

Simply, "Worsening" indicates the measure has declined in progress. "Stable" indicates no change has been seen. And "Improving" means there is collective improvement in that category of health.

Both national indexes and state level data will be tracked. Currently, The Gallup-Sharecare Wellbeing Index and America's Health Rankings are the national indexes being followed. Simultaneously, 4 key indicators are also followed. Obesity, Eat Well, Move More, and Feel Better.

Visit their Progress Tracker web page to preview areas where Iowa's health is improving and where still more work is needed.

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