• Rick Roghair

Do you like puzzles? Here is one to use every day!

A note about the author: Rick Roghair is the Professional Development Manager for the Iowa Association for the Education of Young Children.

The Iowa Core Knowledge of Child Development assists every adult with ideas, no matter who they are or how they connect in a positive way with children from birth to age five.

As a Farm to ECE provider, you understand this piece more than most. You know that balanced nutrition and physical activity help set the stage for healthy habits and life-long learning.

Will you do us a favor? Click on the link above, scroll down, and click on the nutrition puzzle piece below the poster, look at the topics, and then make suggestions for other topics and sites more specific to Farm to ECE. Send your ideas to rick@iowaaeyc.org and your name will go into a drawing for a $10 gift card!

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