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Celebrate National Farm to School Month in October

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

October is National Farm to School Month, a time to celebrate connections happening all over the country between schools, food, and local farmers!

Farm to school enriches the connections communities have with fresh, healthy food and local food producers by changing food purchasing and education practices at schools and early care and education settings. With farm to school, students gain access to healthy, local foods as well as education opportunities such as school gardens, cooking lessons and farm field trips.

Over the past decade, the farm to school movement has boomed across the United States, reaching millions of students in all 50 states, Washington, D.C., and U.S. territories. Farm to school is an important tool in the fight against childhood obesity and food insecurity. In addition to improving child health, schools create new markets for local and regional farmers and contribute to vibrant communities when they buy locally: a win-win-win scenario!

Whether you are a food service professional, a farmer, a teacher or a food-loving family, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and get involved in National Farm to School Month! Find free resources – including posters, stickers, coloring pages, and suggested activities – and a calendar of events happening across the country on the National Farm to School Network’s website at farmtoschool.org.


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