• Staci Hemesath, RDN, LD

An Exciting Taste Test Idea!

Who agrees that refusal to try new foods is one of the hardest aspects of feeding children? 🙋 We may know that vegetables are healthy (and they may know that too), but getting them to eat vegetables is another story....Or how about that perfectly normal lasagna or soup you just made? What's the deal with "sauce avoidance" anyway?

Taste testing is a great way to make the process more fun and exciting. Sometimes the crazier the food, the more willing they are to try it!

Has anyone tried an edible flower before? No? Up until a few months ago, I hadn't tried one either and I LOVE to try new foods. How about you and the children do this together as a shared experience?

BUT FIRST, please explain to children that only certain flowers are for eating and that others can be highly poisonous. If there is any concern about babies or toddlers mimicking this activity in a dangerous way, you may consider only doing this with older children while the littles are napping.

Nasturtium blooms are a fun one to start with since they are relatively easy to find from local growers. Maybe you could even grow them yourselves. I purchased ours from Lee's Greens by way of the Iowa Food Cooperative. We tasted them plain, right out of the container, but another way to present edible flowers is with a little bowl of salad with the flower as the garnish. Or how about you have fancy summer drink day with a flower and fun straw? Maybe a flower would make a soup look more appetizing?

Here is a list of other edible flowers and how they can be used. Also, please note that you should only consume edible flowers that haven't been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. Additionally, be sure to rinse them well to make sure there aren't any insects still living on them.

As with all taste test days, please remind kids of these rules and by doing so, you will all have a more fun and positive experience! 🌺

  1. Do not say negative things about how something tastes because it might offend someone and discourage others from trying something new.

  2. If you don't like it, that's ok. Just quietly spit it out into a napkin.

  3. Use respectful language such as "I don't care for it."

  4. Be willing to try it again because sometimes it can take 10 or more times of trying something before you start to like it.

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