• Staci Hemesath, RDN, LD

Cultivating Creativity in the Garden

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Now that gardens are planted, let's commission our little artists to create garden art! Adding beauty and character to garden spaces is a great way to foster interest and excitement about gardening, plus it builds fine motor skills and enhances creativity. There are so many fabulous ideas out there, but here are five simple projects that are colorful and easy to execute with small children.

1. Water Bottle Wind Spirals

Supplies Needed:

-Several plastic water bottles

-Permanent markers

-Child scissors

-Mod Podge Outdoor or clear coat sealant (to seal color)

2. Mosaic Garden Rocks

Supplies Needed:

-1 rock, 4 to 5 inches

-Mix of colorful tiles and flat gems

-Clear silicone adhesive

-Pre-mixed grout (skip steps 3 & 4)


-Damp sponge

-Mosaic grout sealer

3. Painted CD Garden Mobile

Supplies Needed:

-Old CDs and/or DVDs

-Acrylic craft paint


-Craft Varnish

-Long, sturdy stick

-Fishing line, strong twine, black yarn, or dental floss

4. Easy Butterfly Feeder

Supplies Needed:

-Large plastic planter saucer or takeout container lid

-Hole puncher

-Yarn or wire

-Plastic beads

-Butterfly food

5. Soda Bottle Watering Can

Supplies Needed:

-1 liter plastic bottles

-Paper plates

-Acrylic paint


-Nail and pliers or drill (adult only step)

Happy crafting! If you have any other great ideas, please send us a message on our Farm to ECE Facebook page and we'll share with our followers!

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