• Erin Olson

Shaping Young Lives Across Iowa with Go NAP SACC

From mealtime, to playtime, to story time, children have lots of opportunities each day to learn and practice healthy habits. Go NAP SACC is an online tool that helps early care and

education (ECE) centers and homes go the extra mile to support children’s healthy eating and physical activity.

Go NAPSACC provides easy-to-use tools and an online library of helpful videos, activities, and flyers. Programs across Iowa have used Go NAP SACC to improve their menus, add more play into their daily schedules, and educate families about healthy eating and active play.

Go NAP SACC walks child care providers through five simple steps to make healthy changes to their program. The process includes the following key elements:

1. Assess current practices in one of the following areas:

  • Child Nutrition

  • Breastfeeding & Infant Feeding

  • Oral Health

  • Infant & Child Physical Activity

  • Screen Time

  • Farm to ECE

2. Plan how to improve

3. Take action with the help of a professional

4. Learn more by accessing the resource library and local trainings

5. Keep it up!

Hear what Iowa providers have to say about Go NAP SACC:

“I love how this class talked about the importance of nutrition and activity and how it impacts their brains.  I learned a lot and have made some changes to my menu and parent handbook. I am creating a garden and gross motor truck area outside.  My kids are so excited to start planting.”

“Go NAP SACC opened our minds to challenge ourselves for high quality.  It allowed us to set smart goals and reward us for the accomplishments.”

Join Today!

Ready to get started?  Get in touch with your local CCR&R consultant or state-level Go NAP SACC coordinator at erin.olson@idph.iowa.gov to request the registration code.  Visit www.gonapsacc.org to learn more.

A note about the author: Erin Olson is a Community Health Consultant with the Iowa Department of Public Health.

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