Advocates Gather in Des Moines to Prioritize Iowa's Kids

January 10, 2019

In December 2018, more than 35 advocates gathered at the first Iowa State Advocacy Summit. Did you know:

  • Children who receive a high-quality early education are 20% more likely to graduate from high school and earn 50% higher income

  • Only 59% of Iowa's low-income children are served by preschool programs


Attendees also reviewed the current early learning landscape and practiced advocacy skills. One important advocacy skill: How to Meet with Lawmakers. 


Save the Children Action Network presented a framework that can make this process easy:


1. Introduction- thank the legislator for meeting with you, introduce yourself (and group) and mention what you are advocating for. 


2. Share a Personal Story- explain why you are passionate about the issue


3. Make Your Ask- what do you want? What do you hope for?


4. Close- thank the legislator again for their time, hand them a leave-behind folder, let them know if they have any questions where they can reach you, and create a sense of urgency. Set up an opportunity for follow up.


Remember: practice, practice, practice makes perfect. 




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